BDF比特币数字基金1-Ningbo Outacplex Machinery Technology Co. , Ltd.

Ningbo Outacplex Machinery Technology Co. , Ltd. is a Sino foreign cooperative enterprises, the company is located in Ningbo Zhenhai Economic Development zone. Is a professional manufacture of precision presses the most high end precision stamping machinery equipment company. Punch models from 25 tons to 1000 tons, products exported to Europe, South America, South Korea, American, India and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.


HIPRESS is showing a training, efficient management of team by establisbing an integrated system, strictly industry standard, can carry out its requirement of management rapidly and actually. The company get constantly developed in all kinds of way, such as manufactrue, selling, management of people, research and accounting.

Ningbo Outacplex Machinery Technology Co. , Ltd.

Company ADD: 3rd floor, B4 Building ,No. 1277 Zhongguan West Road, Ningbo Tuspark Science & Technology Park , Ningbo City, China.

Factory ADD :No. 66 Yufan West Road, Guisi Street, New Materials Technology City, Ningbo, Zhejiang